Usually I don't pass out free advertising, but when the cause ranges between good to awesome on the "RICK-ter" scale, I'm all for a prop to companies helping the community.

Fast becoming the biggest nuisance known to mankind  -  and I'm not talking about mosquitos, or way our Country is run, but rather the obligatory "identity theft"  -  it has never been more important to shred unwanted documents.

Despite various "stings" through the years finding me doing radio shows from inside a trash bin, exposing a myriad of an individual's personal information, I feel as if my point is not getting across.

"BancorpSouth", along with "Security Shredding" are teaming up for your benefit on Friday, March 29, from 10 a.m to 2 p.m., at the Bancorp South building in Nacogdoches (2400 North Street).  You can shred five boxes worth of docs for free.  Have more than five, then bring a friend.  Have no friends, then wear a disguise when hitting the turnstile multiple times.

With all the data stored on-line these days, identity theft cannot be 100% eliminated, but letting your guard down by tossing personal information data in the trash, is doing nothing more than giving a thief an easy road to travel!

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