Congratulations Joe Page Jr.!

I sure do hope he knows about his upcoming award, but if it's still a secret, then Joe will be doubly surprised.

On June 20, the Nacogdoches Independent School District in conjunction with Property Casualty Alliance of Texas will present Joe with a plaque, personalized jacket and a check in the amount of $1,000, for being named the top Bus Driver in Texas.  In Texas!!

Most of us view the bus driver as simply pulling up to a designated location at a predetermined time, and either picking up or dropping off students.  Job done, right?  WRONG!

Just like the teacher is to the classroom, the bus driver has similar obligations, insuring that all the students under his watch make it to and from their destination safely.

Bus Drivers are evaluated on their driving record, relationships with riders and their parents, overall demeanor, and leadership, just to name a few.

Again, congratulations to Mr. Joe Page Jr.


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