If you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning and you hit the snooze so many times you're late for work, this may be for you.

A 19-year old college student became fed up with himself for hitting the snooze too many times, so he invented a new alarm clock that sends a small electric shock to your finger when you hit the little aluminum-coated snooze button.  He says it's a harmless little fraction of a volt, but apparently it's enough to send a strong enough tickle to your finger that you'll pop right up.

You may know a teenager or two that has mastered the art of sleeping in, and nothing in the world will wake them before noon.  Think this will work?  They may sleep right through the shock.

The "Good Morning Sing 'N Shock" clock isn't available in stores just yet, but the inventor expects it to be in production soon and it could be on shelves later this year.  Until then, you'll just have to set up your own cattle prod or taser contraption to get yourself to rise and shine.