I'm a huge fan of the brick streets of Nacogdoches. Going in and out of the stores, or just taking a stroll down there, I enjoy it all. That's why, when there's new construction, or even just renovations on one of the existing buildings, I take notice.

Well, it turns out that something new is taking shape on Main Street, only I don't know what it is...

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It's located at the space between Cowboy Jack's Saloon and Ree's Jewelry. That particular space has been covered up for some time now, as work takes place on it. But yesterday when I drove by, I noticed that the "cover-up boards" were no longer there, and a new store front stood where those particular boards were.

It actually looks to be a pretty neat space. However, like I mentioned before, I have no idea what business will be setting up shop there. Will it be an office of some sort? Another small, locally owned business? Or, will it be something else entirely? I have no clue.

Do any of you have any insight on what the building will be? Or, are you like me, and just guessing randomly? Do you have any wishes about what you would like to see take it's place? Feel free to drop any of these in the comments below. Until it actually opens up, or gets some official signage to take the place of the construction sign, I'll keep guessing.

I was able to get a few pictures of the new construction though. You can see them below:

Check This Out: New Construction On The Brick Streets of Nacogdoches

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