If you've been feeling lately like Facebook is eating up a little too much of your life and you just have to take a break from all the Liking and Sharing, a new website has popped up to help you make a clean break. 

At FAddict.io, you can pay $5 and vow to get off Facebook, and the company will monitor your url for 30 days.  If you should have a relapse and get back onto Facebook during this probationary period, you'll forfeit your $5 and FAddict will put your name on it's front page along with others who have relapsed and deserve cyber shame.  At last check, nobody had relapsed.  Those people have a will of steel!  The five bucks, by the way, goes to charity.

A Faddict is defined in the Urban Dictionary as, "An individual who gets caught up in every trendy thing that comes along."

Those who successfully break from Facebook get their $5 back after 30-days and also get their name posted with other Recovered FAddicts.  There are already several of them listed.

We sort of embrace our Facebook addiction and we fully support you in yours.  But if you're feeling like you've Poked a few too many friends and your Like clicker is out of control, we thought we would pass along this helpful bit of social media weening to you.

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