Nine Inch Nails fans who've given up on hearing new music from Trent Reznor in 2016 have just been handed a sliver of hope.

As previously reported, Reznor made headlines late last year when he promised "new NIN in 2016" along with "other stuff, too" — a promise that's gone unfulfilled with no public signs of new releases on the horizon. Fans had a brief flash of hope during the summer, when it was rumored that Nine Inch Nails would be putting out a new single called "Dive and Slam" in September, but those reports were quickly debunked by Reznor.

The subject of that missing new music recently came up on Instagram, where Reznor posted a photo of himself and frequent collaborator Atticus Ross alongside actor Fisher Stevens — a shot promoting their work on the documentary Before the Flood, in which Leonardo DiCaprio takes viewers along on a series of conversations with scientists, activists, and politicians regarding global climate change. Reznor and Ross contributed music to the film, but as one commenter argued, that doesn't really fulfill last year's promise.

"What's the word on new NIN for 2016," asked the fan, "like you said @treznor???"

"2016 is not over yet," responded Reznor.

That obviously isn't much to go on, but it should be encouraging for anyone who's been patiently waiting for a new full-length Nine Inch Nails release. Reznor hasn't put out an album under the NIN mantle since September 2013, when Hesitation Marks arrived in stores; the remix EP Seed Eight arrived the following year. More recently, Reznor and Ross collaborated on "Juno," a track posted in honor of the NASA spacecraft's arrival in Jupiter's orbit.

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