2020 is sure to go down as the "Year of the Virtual Events". Students ended the school year in the spring with virtual classes; Concerts - with the exception of a few - have all been streamed online; Zoom has become the norm for meetings and gatherings. Geez, even sports networks are putting "virtual fans" in the stands in a feeble attempt to make the games seem somewhat more normal. It's all virtual.

So, bear with me when I say I'm tired of virtual events.

I'm ready to see things go back to normal. Yes, I want people to be smart about how they gather and things like that, but I'm ready to go to events. I'm ready to physically go to a sports match, you know, in-person. I'm ready to go watch a band perform live. I'm ready to meet up with regular groups of people, and not have to worry if the wi-fi will crap out and end the meeting abruptly.

Now, you may be one of those people that doesn't mind a bit of seclusion. You may not mind just staying in your own home with limited human interaction. And that's fine. I'm not judging. I just know that I'm not one of those people. I mean, I'm an only-child, and I don't mind being off by myself for a bit. But, I've had quite enough of it this year.

So, Facebook - and all other social media platforms - I don't want to hear about virtual events, or online gatherings. I think that I'll just hold out until there are legitimate events back in-person, face-to-face.

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