One of the things that bothered when I went to college at Stephen F. Austin State University was when people from places like Houston, Dallas, or other big cities would say that there was nothing to do in Nacogdoches. They'd come in and complain of being bored because of the lack of things to keep them entertained.

Now, to understand the reason why that thinking bothered me, you have to understand a bit of my background. I grew up in the middle of nowhere - which I enjoyed, so don't think that I'm knocking that. We didn't have a movie theater within 30 minutes of us. We didn't have a downtown shopping area. Shoot, we didn't even have a Wal-Mart. Ironically enough, the closest bowling alley to us was in Nacogdoches.

So, as you can see, when I moved to Nac for college, the list of entertainment venues for me skyrocketed. However, there were the people that said, "There's nothing to do in Nacogdoches."

Well, to all those people that said that, or who have even thought that about Nac, NOW that's true. Now, there's nothing to do in Nacogdoches - with the exception of the parks, which we are truly thankful for.

There's no Banita Creek Hall to go spend the evening dancing at, or going to enjoy live music. 


There's no movie theater to go see the latest movie in. There's no bowling alley to go knock down some pins at. There's no water park to go float the lazy river at.

There's no SFA basketball, softball, baseball, or other sports to cheer at.

Mark Cunningham
Mark Cunningham

There isn't even a place to go watch sports of any kind. There's no sports bar, no place with happy hour to kick back and watch the game with friends. It's all been closed down.

NOW, there's nothing to do in Nacogdoches.

But, that's not going to last. We're going to come through this, and we will have all those great things back. When they come back, though, there really shouldn't be anybody - student or not - saying that there's nothing to do in Nacogdoches. There's always something. And DEFINITELY more to do than this.


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