We are now one week away from a nation-wide day that I always looked forward to as a kid. In case you didn't know, September 25th is National Comic Book Day. The only problem is, now there's nowhere around here to pick up the comics...

Until last year, there had always been a place in Nacogdoches to get comics. And not only could you buy your regular comics, but there were always free comics to be found in honor of the national day. But now that Hastings is no longer open, there's nowhere in the near vicinity to pick them up.

And with all the hype that the newest Marvel and DC movies have brought on over the past few months, and the ever-expanding Star Wars Universe, there were always new comics to build on these stories. However, that won't be the case here in our section behind the pine curtain.

In the past, there were actually multiple places to find comic books here. There was a Waldenbooks store in the Lufkin Mall, and I'm pretty sure there was one in the University Mall in Nac as well, in addition to Hastings.

But now, those are no longer there. So, what's a guy to do? I suppose I could head to Tyler, maybe hit up the Barnes & Noble there...any other ideas?

Hopefully Bad Wolf Gaming has some plans too.



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