Do you believe in luck over knowledge when it comes to surviving games of chance?  For example, I happen to know someone who proclaims to be a wizard when it comes to picking the ponies.  Have even accompanied him to Louisiana Downs, where I observed some minor magic.

I believe that no matter how intuitive one is, being a Svengali at the track likely results from the marriage between luck and knowledge.

Here's what I'm alluding too, since I can't understand the racing form.  Take the first race which has seven entries.  I write each of the seven numbers on separate pieces of paper, toss 'em in my stetson, then pull out one piece of paper bearing the number of the horse which I will wager on.  Done!

With a typical nine race day on the card, I usually win one, and that pays for the gas to make the trip, along with the six pack and four foot longs I polished down.

Today (August 13) is National Fortune Cookie Day, and I wholeheartedly suggest Chinese food for din-din, and after you've filled your belly with General Tsao's Chicken, make darn sure you don't leave the restaurant without the delectable fortune cookie (I know, it tastes like paste).  On the reverse side of your impending "fortune" are the "lucky numbers".  Use those numbers to play the lottery, and remember who gave you the tip -- should you hit it big!