This SFA program is going to put on a show for everyone at the end of the school year. This will be the Stephen F. Austin State University School Of Music Preparatory Division's 40th Anniversary, and their first concert after the pandemic.

It's taking place on May 1st 2021 from 9am-6pm, at the Music Prep House at 3028 Raguet St. It's right off of North St and Austin St next to the Tucker Woods. You will hear Performances from the Piney Woods Youth Orchestra, and lots more.

Making it an outdoor event is a great idea, and they have plans to make it an even bigger idea. They are currently looking for local vendors and sponsors. If you want your food truck there, or just want a booth, you can call the music prep director and program instructor Alba Madrid at (936) 468-1219 or email 

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Our Nacogdoches community is very fortunate to have the SFA Music Prep services available to them. It's one of the many perks of being a town with a large university within it's boarders. Their programs range from Kindermusic all the way to adult programs like Raguet Strings. What started off as a way to foster music in kids ages 0-18 has come a long way.

The grounds where the festival will be held is near the SFA Native Plant Center. If you are just learning about this amazing SFA program like I am, attending this music festival would be a great way to find out more about it, and what it could mean for you or your children.

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