Sharon Osbourne says Ozzy Osbourne’s surprise reunion with Tony Iommi at Britain’s Commonwealth Games happened in the blink of an eye.

Osbourne actually expressed hopes that they'd take part in the 2022 games at Black Sabbath's native city of Birmingham around the time the band retired in 2017. But health issues in recent years – including major surgery that could have had severe consequences – meant it seemed all but impossible.

“They asked us six months ago, and Ozzy couldn’t possibly have done it 'til after his last operation,” Sharon tells Talk TV. “Then they saw Ozzy was at Comic-Con and they said, ‘Alright, come on – get him over!’ And we were, like, ‘Alright!’ And literally it was six days from their phone call to getting him there. It was just incredible.”

The short turnaround time may offer a clue as to why bassist Geezer Butler wasn’t there when Osbourne, Iommi and Sabbath touring members Adam Wakeman and Tommy Clufetos hit the stage during the event's closing moments. Butler tweeted that he enjoyed the opening ceremony – which featured Iommi – but hasn’t yet commented on the subsequent reunion performance.

Meanwhile, Queen guitarist Brian May, an old friend of Iommi’s, expressed his delight at watching the partial Black Sabbath reunion. “That’s the way to do it!” he wrote on Instagram. “Must say I got a bit emotional seeing Ozzy and Iommi on stage together again. Epic!”

In her interview, Sharon said Ozzy remains proud of his roots. “Birmingham is an amazing city now,” she said. “It’s cosmopolitan. It’s beautiful. No matter whatever he achieves in his life, no matter whatever he does, he's from Birmingham. … He’s not a rocker with an island somewhere. He has always loved Birmingham.”

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