It is no secret that East Texas native and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes loves Whataburger. While Mahomes brought a Super Bowl Championship to Kansas City, his favorite burger chain could be following suit.

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Mahomes loves Whataburger ketchup (and so do I - spicy) and after he received a tweet from them offering to send him some ketchup and a t-shirt he simply made a request to just build one in Kansas City. Apparently it could be in the works!

Currently a 3,751 square-foot Whataburger building is being proposed for Douglas Street and St. Luke's Boulevard just outside of Kansas City according to the Kansas City Star.

Whataburger officials are excited about the fan base they have in Kansas City and currently exploring the possibility per the Tyler Morning Telegraph.

We are excited to hear we have so many fans in the Kansas City community, and we have been exploring this area. At this time, we have no specific plans to announce a restaurant but will be happy to share when — and if — the time is right.

That is pretty BIG for Mahomes to lead a potential game winning drive to deliver a Whataburger to Kansas City as they have locations in 10 states with the majority of them in Texas.

Let me tell you if this happens.....BUILD THIS MAN A STATUE!

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