We all know as responsible adults, that "drinking and driving" don't mix.  With the digital age in full force, not only are we hearing that "driving and texting" don't mix, but, it may not be too terribly long before Texas lawmakers sound the battlecry that if you send a message to a known driver, you may be held liable for your actions, in the event a disaster occurs on the receiving end!

In most states, you can get a citation if you are caught striking the key pad while attempting to navigate "The Loop".  In New Jersey, this new form of drunkeness behind the wheel combined with being "electronically present", is taking a completely different spin before a judge.

I see you everyday driving to and fro inside the Lufkin limits.  I'm behind you at the red light while you finish telling "Honey Bear" you're running late, and I'm still behind you when the light turns green.  Before cell phones, some people would simply wait for another shade of green, I guess.  Now, when you stay stationery on "green", all the rest of us, not on cell phones, know that you are an inconsiderate rebel without a cause.

While I don't agree with every law ever invented (For example in Iowa, you cannot charge admission to watch a performance by a one-armed piano player), texting while driving should have an infraction of some sorts associated with it.  If the precedent being formulated in New Jersey is upheld by the judge, then additionally by the state Supreme Court (you know the decision will be appealed, if 'your honor' rules in favor of the plantiff's), then smart phone intoxication may cost you dearly!

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