Lest we forget that today is Pearl Harbor day (December 7).  The attack, 71 years ago, caught us off guard, and unless our government leaders stop sleeping at the switch, history has a real chance of repeating itself.

The only glaring difference between that war in 1941, and the wars we are involved in today, are plain and simply put - guts!  The United States built, put into its arsenal, and then used that weaponry necessary to defeat the enemy.  WAR OVER!

Today's brain trust want to hold virtual Summit Meetings, schedule monthly Peace Talks, and explore improvised Contingency Plans in lieu of Guerilla Warfare.  Don't know what were fighting about anyway.  But, it just seems logical, that after my liquor store has been robbed three times in four months, and I'm luckily still alive to tell the story to the cops, that the fourth bandit is going to get a .38 slug between the eyeballs.

How many more times are we going to let an outsider cross the line, knock the stick off our shoulder, then draw a circle, and say "...go ahead, I dare you to enter...".  Doesn't anyone remember The Andy Griffith Show episode when the new kid moves to town threatening the reputation of Mayberry? (See the clip here starting at 20:50):

The bottom line is this, for some insane, abnormal, and insatiable desire to hate, we all cannot get along (but we did, for the most part, 50 or so years ago, didn't we?).  So be it.  But, while the story should be about remembering Pearl Harbor, the headline getting some notoriety today on news outlets, is the decision by Syria to unleash a bomb containing sarin gas  --  on its own people  --  just to test the sheer brutality of the chemical.  And, if it works as planned, where's the next missile headed?

I truly believed that after the Vietnam conflict, history books for future generations would have been scantily clad at best, and honestly did not think that my age crowd would be mired in so much battle fatigue.  Wrong!

Sure hope were not going to be memorializing a present day War day any time soon, but would not  be surprised if major retailers soon began showing off bomb shelters in their catalogs.

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