So you make a bet with a buddy and it leads to craziness when you lose.  But HOW crazy?!  Perhaps you don't want to follow the lead of these guys.

A New Jersey man who chose shoplifting to pay off a bet found himself behind bars Saturday.   According to The Daily Journal, 58-year-old Irwin Krakow of Millville had lost a bet and was given a choice of paying it off by either running naked through the street or stealing $50 worth of stuff from Walmart.  Krakow chose shoplifting and was caught stealing two spoons, a USB card, a nutcracker, a decorative tree and t-shirts.  The stolen items were worth about $43.  Krakow reportedly regrets shoplifting, saying the fine for being naked in public would’ve been less.  It’s not clear if the person who won the bet considers the wager paid.

Don't do it!