So far this week we've visited Main Street in Nacogdoches, spent time outside at the parks and gardens, and we've explored Zip Nac. So...what's in store for day four of Spring Break?

Today, I say that we grill, and no, I'm not talking about getting some hot dogs from the super market. I'm talking about steak, sausage, juicy burgers, shrimp, chicken, pork, etc. Get some charcoal, lighter fluid, seasonings, and dive headlong into grilling.

If it's steak that you're looking for but you're not sure about what cut to get, there's no shame in going down to your local meat market and asking their opinions and preferences. In fact, I suggest it. A place like Massengill's Meat Market is always a good place to start when you're busting out the grill.


After getting the meat of your choice, make sure you get the proper tools for grilling. I personally prefer charcoal grilling to gas grilling, but it's up to you. Whichever you prefer, go for it.


Then, one of the most important parts: don't keep it all to yourself. Have the family enjoy a cookout, invite the neighbors, invite friends across town, just enjoy spending time with others around you. After all, cookouts are always better with more people around.

Check back tomorrow for the final day of Spring Break.

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