Some teams will have to wait months to fill up their home ballparks, but the Major League Baseball's Texas teams will have thousands of fans in the seats from the get-go.

Baseball is back, and the Texas Rangers will be the only team in Major League Baseball to allow 100 percent capacity to start the season.

Fans have to be excited to get into the new digs!  Globe Life Field is brand new, but it opened up to a whole lotta nothing in 2020 because of the pandemic.  If you watched any Rangers games last season you saw your fill of cardboard cutout fans, and you wondered if concessions workers were back there somewhere eating all of the 2-foot-long hot dogs so they wouldn't go to waste.  Finally, fans can go inside and search for the shortest beer line, try the new Brisket Egg Rolls and test out the new toilets.  Everything is supposed to be fresh, new, and state-of-the-art.

Most Major League teams will have at least some fans in the stands for opening day on Thursday, but not as many as the Rangers will have this season.  It's not a given that Rangers fans will fill up the ballpark just because 100 percent capacity is allowed, but I have a hunch that they will show up in huge numbers to support the team, the new stadium, and the freedom to assemble.

The Rangers start the season on the road in Kansas City, and the home opener will be Monday, April 5th, against the Blue Jays.  The Astros start the season on the road in California against the Athletics and Angels, and then the home opener will be April 8th against the Athletics.

The Blue Jays will be among the lowest fan capacity levels this season at 15 percent, and they're not even expected to play home games in Toronto for several weeks.  The Red Sox and Nationals will have a lower capacity at 12 percent.  The Astros will be able to hold up to 50 percent capacity, and that's up to 20,600 fans, and that will be among the highest in MLB.  The Rangers are the only team to open at maximum capacity.

I'm so excited that at least a semi-normal baseball season is coming!  I'm a huge Rangers fan and they disappoint me every season, but it's a new year and a fresh start and I'm going to be optimistic about the possibilities because that's what true fans do.  And this season, we can actually cheer them on in person if we want to.  This will be good.

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