There are simply no words that can describe the horrific account that touched all of our lives forever 11 years ago today.  We celebrate Patriot's Day, not because we have too, but to remember all the innocent people who lost their lives to savages and cowards.  I lost two friends.

It's basically our way of true grit, venting about the unimaginable in our own heated undercurrent, only to wipe away tears moments later.

If there was ever a moral to the story for the rest of us, 9-11 should quietly remind us how sacred life truly is, and why living it to the fullest extent should be considered a gift, not a favor.

Out of respect for those that perished, I'm not going to post photos or video that capture the moment the Earth stood still; you'll see plenty of that on all the news outlets.

Rather, here's Kate Smith and Lee Greenwood singing the songs that terrorists can never pry from our hearts and mind.

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