Did you notice all the women in the office looking a little droopy on Wednesday at 3:30pm?  That's precisely when women look their oldest, according to a new survey.  Every Wednesday afternoon, apparently the stress catches up with us gals and we look disheveled.  Oh, and Friday is the happiest day of the week.  It takes research to discover these things!

Most women in the new survey say Wednesday is the most stressful day , perhaps because the weekend high has worn off and the coming weekend is still several appointments, errands, meetings, and energy drinks away.  By Wednesday afternoon the stress of the week is painted on our faces. Or we forgot to wear makeup that day, who knows.

Good news!  It's Thursday and all the gals around the office are looking energetic and youthful.  And the "happiest day of the week," also known as Friday, is not far off.

Guys, it appears you're looking fabulous all week and the stress doesn't get to you.  Nice goin'.