Robert Plant admits that he felt anxious when reuniting with Alison Krauss to record the forthcoming Raise the Roof.

The new album arrives on Nov. 19, 14 years after Raising Sand, their first collection of covers. It’s once again produced by T Bone Burnett and comes after the trio spent more than a decade sending songs to each other as they tried to find a starting point.

“There was a little bit of trepidation on my part,” Plant told the New York Times in a new interview. “I wasn’t sure whether we could reinvoke what we had. But it was very short-lived, that question of whether or not it was real. It was like, I bow to her and she curtsies to me, and we see what we can do.”

Krauss recalled that they initially tried to start recording in 2009 following the Raising Sand tour dates, but abandoned the sessions. “Nothing happened that was really horrible,” she said. “We just felt like it was too much at once.”

Plant said he and Krauss later rediscovered their “kind of languid, sometimes pensive sound, with the pathos of the original song taken into another place.”

At the same time, Plant realizes that place can be somewhat old fashioned.

“When people stick stuff on the radio now, I think you’re allowed like 16 seconds or even less before you’re actually hitting a chorus," he added. "But then again, we’re fishing in a different pool. In fact, we’re not even fishing. We’re just trying to swim.”

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