I love how Google always surprises us with a little something special. Sure, it's just a search engine, but Google is something we use every day. Whether it's to find a new, last-minute recipe for dinner tonight, or get directions to your job's new building - Google is in our lives every day for one reason or another.

Today, you could probably get through your day without Google's little extra dose of fun, but if it's something that can make you smile, I suggest you try it out.

Friends fans, this one is for you! My sister is the world's biggest fan of that show - and admittedly, I'm not. Do I know a few lines, yes. "WE WERE ON A BREAK!", yep I get that much. But a "fan" of Friends, don't put my name next to it like that. But Google, is looking out for Friends fans, and the little trick takes less than 30 seconds.

Here's what I need you to do - open up Google, and search for your pal, Ross Geller.

Once the search results pop up, on the right side of your screen you'll see the Wikipedia box that tells you all about the fictional TV character. But what you'll also see is that little tan-colored couch right next to David Schwimmer's photo.

Click it. Click the couch.

***Spoiler Alert***

Once clicking the couch, you'll hear Ross yell, "PIVOT!" - yes, I'm aware, another iconic line in the show. Your computer screen will also turn slightly to the right. It's fun at this point, so keep clicking it!

You'll eventually get your screen straightened out.

It's a fun little Google trick you can share with other big Friends fans, or just as a way to make people smile around the office. Enjoy!

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