Russell Crowe is the first to admit sometimes he's in great shape, and other times not so much.  Now he's on a mission to drop some pounds and gain some muscle, and he's letting us follow along.

Crowe has been tweeting his daily exercise routine.  On June 18, he started things off with a bike ride. Crowe tweeted, "First ride in quite some time. Sore legs, sore a**, be worse tomorrow and the next day." 

Crowe says, "If i stop exercising my body tries 2 return 2 its heaviest weight."  Hey, if you've had that problem, you're not alone!

During his 105-day training period, Crowe has been "taking in roughly 2400 cal/ 2600 cal incl all beverages."    He's also taking supplements including "multi-vitamins, selenium, glucosamine, endo-trim and fish oil." 

And for exercise, check it out.  Crowe's workouts are "1 hr 25 min walk 30 mins body movement/weighted objects."

We're tired just reading about it!  But if it transforms us into Oscar-winning studs, then so be it.  We'll give it a whirl.   

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