What's the best part of '80s action movies? Well, other than white-knuckled chase scenes and big-budget explosions, it's definitely those electro-rockin' theme songs like "Danger Zone" (Top Gun) and that's just what Klayton (Celldweller, Circle of Dust) has dialed up with "Phoenix," the newest track from his retrowave project Scandroid, debuting here at Loudwire.

Traditionally, Scandroid's sound has firmly remained within the retrowave / synthwave realm, but here, more metallic elements enter the sonic landscape with an irresistibly fun feature riff and swagger of '80s ZZ Top. "Phoenix" was born for cloudless days careening down an open highway in a rented T-top — come on, you're not going to abuse your own car, are you? Punch it!

"Besides new wave, the biggest musical genre I listened to in the ‘80s was metal. Knowing the sound of The Darkness and the Light was going to be, well...darker, I wanted to harken back to some of my ‘80s metal roots. ’Phoenix’ combines the Scandroid sound fans have come to know combined with a throwback to the iconic sound of metal from that era," says Klayton.

Put on your most reflective pair of aviators and listen to "Phoenix" in the video above. If you like what you hear, purchase the song here.

Scandroid, "Phoenix" Artwork


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