Scorpions have released a new reggae-tinged song called "Shining of Your Soul," which comes from their upcoming album, Rock Believer.

The LP arrives on Feb. 25. You can listen to the new track below.

"Once we made the decision to make a new album, I started lyrics without any music," singer Klaus Meine recently told UCR. "The idea was, 'C’mon, give me a cool riff,' you know? You have the songs, you have the lyrics and hopefully, you guys come back and give me some great music. It was the same with 'Shining of Your Soul.' Lyrics first, and I think Rudolf [Schenker] came up with this wonderful riff and this wonderful groove, which is like a Scorpions rock reggae [kind of sound]. It’s a very typical Scorpions song in that way. It has a different vibe and a different feel, but it’s one of the cool songs on the record."

The band released the LP's title track last month, following the November single "Peacemaker." Rock Believer, which was almost a double album, is the band's first release since 2015's Return to Forever, as well as the first to include former Motorhead drummer Mikkey Dee. Despite the gap, producer Hans-Martin Buff said the group's natural camaraderie played a large role in putting the album together.

“From the get-go, even when they weren’t recording together, but just when they were in the room together, they were enjoying each other’s company,” he told UCR. “They were talking about whatever they did at home. They don’t live far from each other, but they would be together every day for almost a year, and they really liked it. It was the same in the studio. When they were recording together, there was that sense of familiarity.”

Rock Believer is currently available for pre-ordering at the band's website.

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