In Texas, we do things our own way. That includes the way that we pronounce things. Locations, grocery items, you name it. We've probably got our own way of pronouncing things.

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With that being said, if you want a good laugh, you should try to get your friends that AREN'T from Texas to pronounce some Texas names. If you need a starter list, keep on scrolling. I've got some of my favorites listed. See how well they do with the ones below.

*SIDE NOTE: What will really screw them up is if you find locations with name pronunciations that native-Texans don't even agree on. We've got a few of those, too...*


  • 1


    Knack - Uh - Dough - Chess

    This is the one closest to me, and it seems to be the one that most people from out-of-state (and even some that are in-state) have trouble with. Don't believe me? Just watch SportsCenter when SFA makes a Top 10 list...

  • 2


    Here's your first one that not everyone here agrees on...

    • Coal - mess - kneel
    • Coal - meh - kneil

    They'll probably guess the first one, but if you just want to mess with them and tell them that they're wrong, and it's actually pronounced the second way, it'll bring a good reaction.

  • 3

    Pedernales River

    Per - den - al - us

    Ooooh, this is a big one. When you give them the pronunciation, get ready for the "But the "R" is after the "D" in the spelling!"

  • 4

    Bexar County

    Prounounced like "bear"

    Yes, there's an "X" in the middle of the word. However, you do not pronounce that. Just skip right over it, like it wasn't even there. You pronounce the "X" and the true Texans will laugh at you...

  • 5


    Muh - hey - uh

    This time, you don't skip directly over the "X". However, it doesn't make the traditional "X" sound. Trust me on this.

  • 6


    This is another one with two different pronunciations, depending on who you talk to.

    • Shell - bee - ville
    • Shelb - ville

    I don't know why some Texans choose to eliminate the "Y" in the middle, I just know that some people do. Again, it just depends on who you're talking to at the time.

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