Driving around Lufkin you get used to seeing the same old things. You just might be experiencing some bit of hometown fatigue.

Basically you are just tired of seeing the same old things, day in and day out. For some of you, it could even lead to leaving town. I just want to say that, we need you.

Before you start making plans to pull your kids out of school, and make it somewhere else, take a look at some of these great pictures of Lufkin. Remember why you are here in the first place.

Explore The Beauty Around You

Taking a look at the gallery below you might have time to think about the reasons you first moved to the area. The reasons your family moved here years ago, like mine did.

If you have never left, and Lufkin is your hometown, you are definitely in the minority. I can think of so many of my friends that are from Lufkin, and are leading perfectly happy lives elsewhere.

Some of them might be reading this right now. They might even be thinking of coming back.

Come On Back To Lufkin

That could be why some people think Lufkin is setting up to be a retirement community. Once people from here retire, they might come back to what they knew.

Even if you never left, you might not be able to see the beauty around you in everyday places. It just takes a push to look around, and see it from a different light.

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About The Photographer 

I sent out our resident photographer daphinie.jade. You can find her on Instagram. She usually just puts up pictures of herself, and when she turned the camera the other way, it was amazing. Hope you enjoy.

A New Perspective On Lufkin

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