Are you struggling to find a "good" date idea in Nac? Maybe one that won't break the bank? Have we got a list for you!

  1. Visit the Hall...I mean, the Mall!
    1. If you're looking for somewhere to take that special someone without being distracted, the mall on University is the place to go! It's got everything from secluded seating, to dim, romantic lighting. You can even buy an Icee to share with your valentine! Pay no attention to the occasional creepy guy staring at you...
  2. Take a long, leisurely drive down South Street!
    1. It's all the rage right now. Everyone's doing it. You can take a long - emphasis on LONG - drive down South Street and enjoy all of the road construction that's taking place there! If you happen to go during the day, you can even take advantage of all the exciting flashing construction lights! (It's also fun to see how many sorority license plate frames you can spot!)
  3. And finally, for any of you country music fans, you can go sit in a parking lot on the loop and wait for Zona Jones to perform!
    1. That's right, head out on the Northwest Loop to where Jitterbugs USED to be, and you'll see the marquis that reads, "Zona Jones," as it has for years, untouched by the blazing inferno that was Jitterbugs.

Okay, those were all spoof ideas. However, we do have some real ideas around Nac for Valentine's Day.

  1. Lake Nacogdoches
    1. Whether you go kayaking, take a picnic lunch, or even a candle-lit dinner, Lake Nacogdoches can be quite the romantic getaway.
  2. Visit the Gardens
    1. As the "Garden Capital of Texas," Nac has some of the most awesome gardens around, and those provide great backdrops for Valentine's date ideas. For starters, you might want to look into the SFA Mast Arboretum, or the Ruby M. Mize Azalea Garden.
  3. Attend a Play at one of the Theaters
    1. Maybe you and your Valentine are fans of the arts. If this sounds like you, there are a couple of different options. You can attend a performance at the SFA School of Theatre on campus, or you can venture to the Lamp-Lite Theater on the loop.
  4. Take a Stroll Down Main Street
    1. If you just want to take it slow, visit Main Street, right in the heart of Nacogdoches. You can take advantage of all the local shops there, and even grab a bite to eat and a drink from the bar at Liberty Bell.

Now you've seen both the funny side, and the serious side of Nacogdoches' Valentine ideas, you have no excuse to not take that special someone out on Valentine's Day. Also, the excuse, "There's nothing to do in Nacogdoches," doesn't apply to you anymore.

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