When the first Sonic the Hedgehog poster debuted online this week, the reaction was ... let’s say confused. Why was Sonic so ripped? What was going on with his weird silhouette? This is a movie? There were many questions.

Then @LightsCameraPod on Twitter posted this second poster, spotted at a movie theater and it is arguably even more disturbing than the first:

People were understandably skeptical at first that this was real. What is it even a picture of? Sonic is sitting on the Golden Gate Bridge with his legs ... weirdly spread apart? Is that blue streak wrapping all over the bridge his speed trail? Why does it emanate from his crotchular region? That, frankly, is a little alarming. It’s not how we would personally market a movie about a lovable furry critter who runs fast, so maybe this was all an elaborate prank.

But then other people found the poster in the wild, as they say. They took pictures of it, too:

With more and more looks at this image, there was more scrutiny. A lot of attention was paid to the way Sonic is sitting — and particularly at the placement of his right leg, which appears to connect to his torso at an impossible angle.

We tried to recreate the post as well and failed miserably. (We’re not going to share the results with you because we’d rather you keep reading our site and not run away screaming.)

There were other questions and theories as well...

So, maybe not the most positive start to a marketing campaign. But at least one man isn’t nervous about all of this: Patrick Casey, one of the screenwriters of the Sonic movie, had this to say on Twitter:

Yeah dudes, chill out. Maybe take off your pants but leave your sneakers on and then climb to the top of the Golden Gate Bridge and let it all hang out. That’s what Sonic would do! Sonic the Hedgehog opens in theaters on November 8, 2019.

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