This past Sunday saw Star Trek: Discovery bring an end to a season of Klingon wars, mirror universes, and time loops, but nothing was as jaw-dropping as that final scene’s big surprise. Whether or not Michael Burnham and her crew return before 2019, we’ve got 11 burning questions Discovery needs to answer for Season 2.

You’re warned of SPOILERS for Star Trek: Discovery Seasons 1 and 2 from here on out, including the implications of that ship’s mysterious appearance in the final moments of “Will You Take My Hand?” Between time-jumps, surprise resurrections, and major cameos, we’ve got big ideas for the CBS All-Access drama’s Season 2 return, so allow us to boldly go below.

What glaring questions do you need answered?

In the meantime, Season 1 of Star Trek: Discovery is fully available to stream on CBS All-Access.

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