Stephen Colbert poked gentle fun at some classic rock bands on Twitter as an extension of a comedy bit on Comedy Central's 'The Colbert Report' last night (Feb. 21). Def Leppard, Bad Company and Meat Loaf were among those satirized.

In a segment that dealt with the recent hacking of Burger King's Twitter account, Colbert noted that MTV and BET had fake-hacked each other's account in a cross-marketing publicity stunt between the two networks, which are both owned by Viacom (as is Comedy Central). "The only thing more shocking would have been if one of them had shown a music video...we were duped by vertically integrated platform synergies," he joked.

After consulting with "Glenn," his "Director of Teen Outreach and Internet Security," Colbert learned that his show's account (@StephenAtHome) got hacked by another Viacom property, VH1 Classic. For the next eight hours, Colbert's 4.5 million subscribers received tweets about many of the acts whose videos are shown on the network, accompanied by the hashtag "#VH1ClassicHack."

"I just hope we can fix this terrible security breach before it increases brand awareness for our interconnected entertainment platforms," he said.

Below are some of the tweets sent out by Colbert.


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