Lots of people in Nacogdoches (myself included) were pretty pumped about the opening of Taco Casa on University Drive last week. The fast-food restaurant opened for business last Wednesday. Now, we're all watching the other projects around Nac, wondering when they'll join the "completed list" like Taco Casa.First off, there is the promise of the new Chipotle restaurant that's supposed to be opening right across from the SFA campus. They've got the parking lot paved, the building itself is up, but it seems to still be just an empty shell. We're all watching with baited breath for the opening of this restaurant chain.

Second, there's the renovation of the Chicken Express on University Drive. When it shut down for renovation, they went into complete overhaul mode. It doesn't even look the same as it did before. This is one that looks like it's right around the corner of being open again. The signs are up and everything. They just haven't given the green light to open up yet.

Third, is the building of an Ashley Furniture Homestore next door to Lowe's on Stallings Drive. This is one project that I'm not sure about. It's still in the beginning stages of construction, so it's hard to put a time-limit guess on how far away the completed project will be.

And these are just a few changes happening in Nac. Do you have an inside scoop on what may be coming or going next? Let us know what you're hearing.

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