September and July Birthdays are Most Common
Just how popular is your birthday?
If your birthday falls in the months of July or September, you share a birthday months with millions of Americans.  Those are the most popular months to be born in, according to a very ambitious data researcher with NPR.
If you were born on a particular day in mid-Se…
Premiere Comedian Bill Murray Turns 62 [VIDEO]
Bill Murray, one the immortal comedy kingpins who catapulted Saturday Night Live into the longest running television show, blew out 62 candles on September 21.
While he's not aging as well as Richard Gere, he was still in prime form when appearing on one of the late nighter's recently.…
Happy Birthday Lufkin!
May I have your attention please.  Someone was asleep at the switch yesterday, and because of this, you were not given the opportunity to "Party like it's 1985" (the "Prince" song?).
I and I alone, shall burden the entire blame for this miscarriage o…

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