Those Flirty Foghat Boys Still Got It
These guys were impressive on Saturday night at Rock the Square in Tyler.
Foghat has been mastering that slide guitar sound since 1971, and although band members have come and gone over the years, they keep finding talented guys to step up and they haven't lost any of that signature sound.
The Five Worst Concerts I Have Ever Seen
Concerts are usually really fun and entertaining, especially when the anticipation builds as your favorite band hits the stage.
But what happens when the show doesn't meet your expectations? There's nothing worse than leaving the concert venue feeling disappointed or physically hurt (headac…
Queensryche to Headline 2012 South Texas Rock Fest
Now that the remaining members of Queensryche have won a ruling that will allow them to temporarily keep their name even though they’re in the middle of a legal battle with former singer Geoff Tate, the band is wasting no time in filling up their tour schedule.
Watch the Most Epic Stage Dives in Rock Music
Stage diving. It’s an art and not really a science. Actually, we take that back. It is an art and a science, since biology factors in when the adrenaline takes over. That means that listening to one’s brain often goes out the window, all in the name of ROCK! Music is a powerful motivator, and as you…
Joe Walsh Sets 2012 Solo Dates
Bruce Springsteen’s been opening up his recent shows with the bold declaration that he’s “the hardest-working white man in show business,” but Joe Walsh may have him beat. A string of solo tour dates throughout May and the summer are just t…
Rock Star Super Group Reveals Set List
We've talked this week about all the rock stars that have lined up to be part of a super group called Rock N Roll All Stars. Appropriately named! Now the set list has been revealed.
The group features Gene Simmons of Kiss, Joe Elliot of Def Leppard, ex-Deep Purple member Glenn Hughes, severa…

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