This AC/DC Cover Will Blow Your Mind
Maybe you've never craved an acoustic version of an AC/DC song, but this is totally worth the listen.  Holy smokes!  This guy is amazing.  Listen to the Italian guitarist Luca Stricagnoli pound out Thunderstruck.  Wow.
Bob Seger Loves Metallica’s ‘Turn The Page’ Cover
This year the Songwriters Hall Of Fame inducted legendary recording artist Bob Seger on June 14 during their 43rd annual ceremony and awards presentation. The multi-platinum songwriter was humble in accepting, and performed an inspiring version of his 1973 hit ‘Turn The Page’, …
Allman Brothers Cover Neil Young’s ‘Southern Man’ in Concert
After 18 studio albums and more than 40 years together, the Allman Brothers Band doesn’t need to reach far for songs to put in their set list — but they’ve proven more than willing (and thoroughly adept) when it comes to covering other artists’ material. The latest example: their stinging live take …
Guns N’ Roses Covering Two AC/DC Songs On Tour
Guns N’ Roses are on tour — and while that means fans can expect some typically unusual news from the road, it also means hours of blistering hard rock music for concertgoers who turn out to see Axl Rose and company.
In fact, fans who have been in the audience for recent dates report that shows have …