Even Peeps Haters Will Love This
I was in Walmart this week and noticed Peeps Cereal in at least different three places around the store. Peeps are everywhere! And they're a sign that we're nearing the end of the pandemic. Let me explain.
Bass Pro Shops Will Bring In The Easter Bunny
Bass Pro Shops across Texas are planning Easter events for eight days straight leading up to the holiday on the 27th, which means the kids will stay busy while you browse through waders and tackle boxes in peace.  Oh, and the whole family can get a picture taken with the Easter Bunny.
Got Peeps? Here Are Some Creative Uses For Them.
I have a confession to make.  I've never eaten a Peep in my life.  But they do look delicious, and I hear they are amazing in hot chocolate.  What else can you do with them?  And how many Peeps does it take to make a replica of Katy Perry's left shark...