Kids Who Grow Up Around Books Have An Advantage
If you haven't been to the Kurth Memorial Library lately, here's some incentive to head that way. There's a big advantage to growing up around books, and it sticks with us for life. But is it the tangible copies or the digital ones?
Angelina College, Texas A&M Announce Nursing Partnership
The Texas A&M Health Science Center (TAMHSC) College of Nursing and the Angelina College (AC) Associate Degree in Nursing Program (ADN) in Lufkin formalized a partnership today that will create new opportunities for East Texas nurses interested in advancing their nursing education. The colla…
Princeton Review Names Top 20 Schools For Recreation [VIDEO]
While obtaining a college education today seems to cost more than running for political office, I was stunned to hear that recent high school diploma only grads searching for a job accounted for around 24% unemployment.
Conversely, a recent college grad only measured around 7% of this profile.
Now, yo…
Researchers Prove Women Are Getting Smarter
This will give you something to argue about tonight at dinner.
For the first time in the history of IQ testing, psychologists say women have a higher IQ than men. We KNEW it, right ladies? Why are women getting smarter?

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