Three Ways To Avoid Overpaying for Gas
Most of us will spend about $2000 filling up the tank this year, and it's likely we'll overpay by a few hundred dollars. But there are three things we can do to make sure we're not getting the shaft.
Buc-ee's is the Best Gas Station in America
This is not news to us that we have the best gas station in America right here in Texas. In fact, quite a few of the gas stations that we see on Texas road trips are among the best in the country, including Buc-ee's and the Quik Trip. And you can buy just about anything there.
Gas Is Cheap in Texas
Some of the cheapest gas in the country is right here in Texas.  Under two bucks a gallon is nice, but it's creeping up on us now.
Texas Oil Industry Is Booming
The energy industry continues to grow, and Texas may be benefiting from the oil and natural gas boom.
But as USA Today points out, all of the growth and success doesn't come without a few headaches.
Gas is Cheap in Lufkin, By Comparison Anyway
Sure, California has its benefits. The weather is gorgeous, movie stars abound, and there are plenty of hotties walking up and down the street.
But how can anyone afford to live there? Be glad you live in East Texas, where drivers are enjoying some of the cheapest gas in the country...

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