Lufkin Movie Prices Hit a Record High
The cost of a movie ticket varies of course, depending on the time of day that you go and whether it's showing on a premium screen like an IMAX. But overall, the price to see a flick is going up at Lufkin Mall and Cinemark Lufkin 12.
Here's how much cash you should have in your wallet …
Good Actors Gone Bad: The Worst Hollywood Actors in Video Games
Game makers have long tried to bridge the gap between Hollywood and gaming, hiring A-list (and sometimes not-so-A-list) talent to bring extra sales and legitimacy via their star power. Quantum Break is the newest title to combine Hollywood and the gaming world, creating an interesting hybrid of gami…
Golden Globes this Sunday
Ricky Gervais hosts the Golden Globes this Sunday, and as you might expect he's not gonna hold back.  He says he'll go after the "weaklings" like Betty White, Charlie Sheen, and Ellen Degeneres.