Texting and Walking Injuries Increase!
If you've had a mishap with texting and walking, you're not alone.
I was texting and pushing a grocery cart once, and smacked into someone turning up the cereal aisle.  I got a dirty look!  But no fine or citation.  Do you think we'll see a law against texting and walking soon?  I'll tell you what th…
Driving + Texting Debate Heats Up at Texas Capitol
This one may get your blood boiling, since you can see, first hand, the impact of accidents associated with "texting while driving".
My drive to work is barely noticeable at 3.2 miles, yet three stop lights make it advantageous for me to peruse my fellow commuters.
Poaching Could Put You In Jail In East Texas
For the hunting enthusiasts out there, and I personally know plenty of them, waiting for the appropriate season and shooting in the appropriate vicinity is all part of the sport.  So, why would you want to hunt illegally and risk damaging your bank account, or far worse, spending time behind ba…
Judge Sentences Man To a Penalty Worse Than Death
Forgetting your wife’s birthday is usually going to be a big problem, and for Florida man Joseph Bray, it led to a martial spat and a night in prison. But when Judge John “Jay” Hurley decided the light pushing and shoving that had gone down after the birthday snub didn’t warrant any further incarcer…