Are Black Cats Really Bad Luck?
If a black cat crosses your path up ahead and you trip and fall on your face, can you blame the cat? Black cats have a rep for being bad luck, but maybe it's time we debunk that myth once and for all.
This Online Tool Helps You Pick the Perfect Wedding Date
If you're tossing around a few possible dates for your wedding and you are dying to know which one is historically the most likely to have the perfect weather forecast, you gotta check this out. You could even cheat and use this tool to plan your next backyard barbecue.
Texas Deer Season Right Around The Corner
I'm optimistic that we'll have a chill in the air very soon, and with daytime heating being put to bed, that can only signify one thing -- deer hunting season in Texas is this close.
There were no safety classes when my daddy taught me to shoot 35 years ago, and reflecting back on those Kodak moments…