Louisiana is More Fun Than Texas
If you have a really fun weekend planned, that might mean you're headed to Louisiana. One site says Texas is just a mediocre place for fun, but Louisiana is a Top 5 spot for amusement. Really?  Ok, why?!
Don't Miss This Obscure East Texas Landmark
At first glance it might look like a 10 foot by 9 foot patch of grass.  But the history behind it makes this obscure Texas landmark significant, and if you want to take a pic at that spot, it's not too far from Lufkin.
Texas is Among the Drunkest States
Sure, we might have a few drinks while watching the Cowboys or Texans, but does that really mean Texas is a drunk state?
People spend good money and valuable time figuring these things out.
And they learned that Texas likes to party.  But check out where our neighbors in Louisiana ended up.
East Texas Man Killed in Accident Out-of-State
A Diboll man is dead after an accident over the weekend in Louisiana, in Sabine Parish.
It happened Sunday morning, and Louisiana State Troopers say the drivers of the two pickups were both from Texas:  29-year-old Tommy F. Tilley Jr. of Diboll, and 65-year-old Earl John Broussard of Baytow…