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You Don’t Have To Be Wasted To Get A DWI
If you're drinkin' on New Year's Eve, you're not drivin' right? Heads up that there will be extra patrols on the roads watching tonight.  And it's not just drunk driving that will get you in trouble.  Buzzed driving can have you seeing flashing lights too.
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!
There are many events planned throughout Texas to ring in the New Year tonight. Organizers in Dallas say the annual "Big D NYE" celebration will draw tens of thousands of people - perhaps forty thousand or more - and it's billed as the biggest New Year's Eve celebration in the Central Time Zone. That's at Victory Plaza in Downtown Dallas with live music, food, and fireworks, and it's fre
How Long is the Perfect Kiss?
Public kisses are always subject to judgment aren't they? The smooch can't be too long cuz people around you get uncomfortable, and it can't be too short cuz people might think you're scared, or not all that fond of your sweetie pie after all. So how long should the perfect New Year's Eve kiss last? It depends on how long you and your significant other have been together actually.

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