Rental Scam Hits East Texas
Heads up renters. Don't be swindled out of your hard-earned money.
The scam is not new nationwide, but it might be new to East Texas and it's already hit several people right in the wallet.
How Can You Tell If An Online Dating Profile is Fake?
If you see an online profile that says something like, "Rich Algerian Prince with a PhD seeks quality relationship with a good Catholic," be leary!
And know that words like "hot" and "bombshell" are sometimes used by people of varying degrees of actual hotness.  People w…
Texas Woman Robbed of $200 in iPad Scam
Something to keep in mind as the holidays approach: People are selling things everywhere! They’re even trying to sell iPads at gas stations. But it doesn’t always turn out to be legit.
A Texas woman was scammed out of $200 after a man approached her at a gas station and asked if she wanted to buy “an…
Beware of the Latest Nacogdoches County Utility Scam
The criminals never stop thinking do they?  Always looking for an easy buck while targeting innocent humans simply trying to follow the law.
According to the Texas Attorney General's office, the latest scam striking Nacogdoches County "claims that Americans can get federa…
E-Mail ‘Hitman’ Invades Nacogdoches [VIDEO]
Do you think we need a "Believe It Or Not Section" on the Q107 website?
Just when it can't get any weirder out there, the Nacogdoches police are issuing a warning to be on the lookout for a scam targeting your inbox.  While this crime epidemic has been steadily spreading around the country,…
Military Members, Beware of Scam
The IRS is warning of a new scam that targets the military.
Perhaps we've all been perturbed by a scam at some point in our that comes in the form of a telemarketing phone call or an email that phishes for personal and financial information. But why bother our military heroes with that t…