What Size Is Your Wife?
Ladies, we're getting larger.  The average clothing size for women in America is higher than it's ever been, and our waist size has expanded by 2.6 inches over the past twenty years.
And you love us just the same, right guys?  Good answer.
How Much Do You Weigh?
Men and women overall are about 20 pounds heavier now than they were in the 1960's.
So how much does the average guy or gal in the US weigh?  How much do you weigh?
This New Belt Shames You Into Getting Off Your Butt
If this a helpful tool to battle the bulge, or is it a nag?  This belt can tighten up and shake you if it notices you've been sitting too long.
It also sends data to an iPhone app, and if it notices your waist is expanding, it starts shaming you about the weight you're gaining...
Stress Can Make You Gain 11 Pounds Per Year
Something tells me us gals stress-eat more than you fellas do.  But if we get fat, we have something to blame it on!
Since stress-eating usually involves comfort foods like pizza, cheeseburgers, and chocolate cake, that packs on about a pound a month and eleven pounds per year those experts say.
I was…
Men Lose Weight Faster Than Women
Guys, you have it so easy.
Many women fight the weight battle their entire lives and it can seemingly take forever to lose a pound, and you fellas can drop weight at the speed of light it seems.  If you want to that is.  But once you make up your mind to drop pounds, you lose more weight, m…