It's no secret of my love for playing video games. It can be a classic game from my childhood from the OG Nintendo or from my favorite console series, Sony PlayStation. The National Video Museum opened in Frisco in 2016. While I haven't had the chance to go yet, I thought we could take a virtual tour of it together.

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The Gaming Historian is someone I follow on Youtube who offers some very informative videos on the history of various video games or video game consoles. Go check out his channel when you get a chance.

He got the chance to tour the museum and put together and excellent video showcasing the National Video Game Museum in Frisco. He got to talk with the curator, Joe Santulli, about how he and his partners took the museum from a traveling showcase to a permanent display of video game history.

Watch the excellent video above and check out some stills from the video below. Take a weekend and make the short drive to Frisco and tour the National Video Game Museum for yourself.

Virtual Tour of The National Video Game Museum

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