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It's the ultimate romantic getaway and you can only find it in Texas. Picture yourself surrounded by luxury at its finest, with you and your lovah in tow. Facebook even says you can kayak, fish, swim, and hike at this expensive getaway- the Bader Ranch Lodge near Leakey, Texas.

East Texas to Hondo, Texas
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Do you know where Hondo, Texas is? I don't either, but we're about to mess around and find out because there is a luxurious home available to rent for just $6,000 a night. (You saw that correctly: $5,000 a night to stay in Hondo, Texas! Wait for the fees.)

Let's check this place out on a map: If we're in East Texas then Hondo is about five and a half hours southwest. It looks like Hondo is not too far away from San Antonio. I am surprised this home is going for THAT much, considering it's not even close to a beach or anything! (Listen, if I was ever going to spend half a TEN GRAND on an overnight stay, I had better have a dang beach, you know what I'm saying!) If, however, I ever have six thousand dollars to blow on an overnight stay, I guess I'd spend it on this one.

The Bader Ranch Lodge is described as giving "a French Chateaux" tease.

  • Rental: $5,000 a night
  • Service Fee: $$706
  • Occupancy Taxes + Other Fees: $300

Yikes! It's going to cost a pretty penny to stay at the Bader Ranch Lodge in Hondo, but it appears as though it will definitely be worth it. Talk about the vacation stay of a lifetime!

You better hurry up and book soon, though. This place won't be on the Airbnb market for long. Check out the photo gallery below!

Bader Ranch Lodge Airbnb in Hondo, Texas

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