Are you one of the 26 million who have viewed this guy getting kicked in the head by a passing train?  It started to go viral last week when 22-year old Jared Frank posted his accidental brush with the passing train.  He said he was trying to take a selfie near a train and got too close.  So close that he got kicked in the head by the conductor. Oops!

Now the Huffington Post reports Frank has inked a deal with licensing company Jukin Media, and there are estimates that the arrangement could mean $30,000 to $250,00 in revenue for Frank, plus potential income from other licensing.

You know why I think the video is so successful?  Because it's only 10 seconds long! We can squeeze that into a busy day easily. Apparently it's also highly entertaining to watch a selfie attempt lead to physical injury.  And then lead to the bank.