Add this to the "events you never thought you'd see in your lifetime" file. Japanese band Kallaqri once covered Converge's "Concubine" at a Japanese wedding and, judging from the video, it looks like everyone at the event had a blast.

Maybe members of the elder generation were in another room drinking at the bar, but the kids were tearing it up -- probably without knowing the lyrics to the song -- or what they meant in English.

"Dear, I’ll stay gold just to keep these pasts at bay / To keep the loneliest of nights from claiming you / and to keep these longest of days from waking you / For I felt the greatest of winters coming/ and I saw you as seasons shifting from blue to grey."

Bleak as the indecipherable lyrics were, the performance was enthralling. The formally dressed singer in Elvis Costello glasses ran in tight circles and jerked his body spasmodically while the bassist rolled around the floor a couple times and everyone banged their heads. At the end of the song the bassist removes his instrument and moshes and the guitarist puts his hands together in a prayer position and bows.

When the camera pans across the audience, lots of dudes in suits and women in pretty white blouses are cheering louder than the music. No sight of the bride and groom, however. Maybe they climbed up to the balcony to stage dive.

Too bad no one recorded the rest of the set! We'd like to think they started light, with some Black Flag and Agnostic Front and built up the pace with Hatebreed and Throwdown before they went into a full-on Slayer medley and peaked with Dillinger Escape Plan, Coalesce and Agoraphobic Nosebleed before ending with Converge.

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