The ‘Bachelor Pad’ is back this week on ABC. But don’t despair if your wife or girlfriend has it locked on the TV: there’s ample eye candy for those of us who have to suffer through the cat-fights and backstabbing. With that in mind, we offer our first ever Crush of the Day: The babes of ‘Bachelor Pad.’

‘Bachelor Pad’ gathers up some of the most memorable male and female characters from past episodes of ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘The Bachelorette’, and casts them together in a glitzy mansion. They then compete with each other to avoid elimination, a la ‘The Apprentice,’ and vote each other out, a la ‘Survivor.’

Along the way they flirt, fight and hook up with each other like high school seniors on a booze cruise.

Luckily, the mansion plays home to some bodacious bods, like Gia Allemand, a sizzling ginger who previously appeared on the 14th season of ‘The Bachelor.’ We also dig girl-next-door Ella Nolan, and we’d gladly sit for a hair cut from Michelle Money.

They almost make the ‘Bachelor Pad’ watchable.